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About the Journal

Medieval Philosophy and Theology is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed, online journal devoted to the publication of original articles in all areas of medieval philosophy, including logic and natural science, and in medieval theology, including Christian, Jewish, and Islamic. Coverage extends from the Patristic period through the neoscholasticism of the seventeenth century.

Members of the Editorial Board and the panel of Editorial Advisors represent eleven different countries in Europe and North America, as well as a wide range of academic, disciplinary, and scholarly traditions and approaches.

Medieval Philosophy and Theology occasionally publishes review articles and article-length critical discussions of important books in the field. It does not publish editions and translations except when they are integral parts of articles. All articles are published in English.

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Digital, open-access, online publication of Medieval Philosophy and Theology began with volume 12. Beginning in the autumn of 2006 the complete contents of the journal from volume 1 through the current issue are available online on an open-access basis. The journal's online presence is supported by Cornell University Library's Digital Publishing Initiative. A Faculty Grant for Digital Library Collections in 2005 made the transition possible.

Medieval Philosophy and Theology was founded in 1991. Volumes 1-4 first appeared as monographs published by the University of Notre Dame Press. In 1995 the journal moved publication to Cambridge University Press. Volumes 5-11 first appeared as a semi-annual print serial published by Cambridge.