Manuscript, 17th century.
Icelandic translation by Jón Þorsteinsson, d. 1627

Welcome to the home page of Islandica, a series in Icelandic and Norse Studies now published electronically under the imprint of the Cornell University Library. Islandica invites submissions from authors and editors for the entire range of studies on medieval and modern Iceland, the civilization and literature of the medieval Norse world, and the Viking phenomenon. For further information on manuscript submissions, please see For Authors and Editors.

Electronic Islandica series volumes (numbers 53 and beyond) will be readable from your screen in searchable text. You will also be able to purchase hard copies of electronic volumes through print-on-demand.

Islandica is a venerable series established through a bequest from Daniel Willard Fiske, first University Librarian of Cornell University, to publish “an annual volume relating to Iceland and the ... [Fiske] Icelandic Collection...” For the first three decades of Islandica, with few exceptions, a series volume dutifully appeared yearly. Most were authored or edited by Halldór Hermannsson, first curator of the Fiske Icelandic Collection.

map of Iceland

Map of Iceland.
Isaac de La Peyrère. Relation de l'Islande.
Amsterdam, 1715.

Research trends, especially after World War II, favored lengthier, more intensively researched monographs and bibliographical studies, and Islandica effectively ceased producing annual volumes. Through 2003, 52 series volumes were published.