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Volume 13, June 2015

Front Cover, Cornell Real Estate Review, Volume 13 (2015)

Table of Contents, Cornell Real Estate Review, Volume 13 (2015)

Foreword, Cornell Real Estate Review, Volume 13 (2015)

David L. Funk; 4

Letter from the Editors, Cornell Real Estate Review, Volume 13 (2015)

Dan Gualtieri, Nicholas Martinez and Clayton Roach; 5

Awards, Cornell Real Estate Review, Volume 13 (2015)


Can Short-Term Rental Arrangements Increase Home Values?: A Case for Airbnb and Other Home Sharing Arrangements

Jamila Jefferson-Jones; 12-19

When Private Property Rights Collide With Growth Management Legislation

Steve P. Calandrillo, Chryssa V. Deliganis and Andrea Woods; 20-35

The Interconnectedness between Home Builders and the Asian-American Community

Gerd-Ulf Krueger and Scott Laurie; 36-45

Constitutional Constraints on Using Eminent Domain to Write-Down Underwater Mortgages

Jacob R. Shelton; 46-60

Baker Program Alumnus Profile: Elysia Tse (Baker '01)


2015 Industry Leader Profile: John Grayken


Asian Capital Investing in US Real Estate

Junwei (Eddie) Zhou; 66-73

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land: A Case Study on Eminent Domain and Under Compensation

Annamaria Lookman; 75-92

Determining the Applicability of 3D Concrete Construction (Contour Crafting) of Low Income Houses in Select Countries

David Weinstein and Peter Nawara; 94-111

Healthcare REITs and their Operator Partnerships

Matt Gottlieb; 112-125

The Troubled Tower

Jason L. Spencer; 127-138

Cornell/SelectLeaders Job Barometer: 2014 in Review

Christopher Lloyd; 140-141

The Changing World of the Commercial Real Estate Job Search Space

Sameer Godiwala; 142

Call for Papers


Case Competition Highlights