Willard Fiske reading, Villa Landor, Florence, ca. 1900

Romance and Love in Late Medieval and Early Modern Iceland

Essays in Honor of Marianne Kalinke

edited by Kirsten Wolf and Johanna Denzin

Islandica 54
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Library, 2008
xii, 342 p.
ISBN 978-0-935995-15-2 (Cloth)

Copyright © 2008, Cornell University Library.

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Table of Contents

  • Front Pages
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  • Contents
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  • Acknowledgments
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  • Tabula Gratulatoria
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  • Preface
    by Patrick J. Stevens; xi-xii
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  • Introduction
    by Kirsten Wolf, and Johanna Denzin; 1-4
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  • Gunnarr and Hallgerðr: A Failed Romance
    by Robert Cook; 5-32
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  • The Native Romance of Gunnlaugr and Helga the Fair
    by Theodore M. Andersson; 33-64
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  • Romance, Marriage, and Social Class in the Saga World
    by Jenny Jochens; 65-80
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  • The Anomalous Pursuit of Love in Kormaks saga
    by Margrét Eggertsdóttir; 81-110
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  • Sturla Þórðarson on Love
    by Úlfar Bragason; 111-134
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  • Klári saga as an Indigenous Romance
    by Shaun F.D. Hughes; 135-164
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  • When Skaði Chose Njǫrðr
    by John Lindow; 165-182
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  • Enabling Love: Dwarfs in Old Norse-Icelandic Romances
    by Ármann Jakobsson; 183-206
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  • Hrólfs saga kraka: A Tragedy, Comedy, History, Pastoral, Pastoral-Comical, Historical-Pastoral, Tragical-Historical, Tragical-Comical-Historical-Pastoral ... Romance
    by Johanna Denzin; 207-230
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  • "The Best Medicine in the Bitterest of Herbs": An Eighteenth-Century Moral Tale
    by M.J. Driscoll; 231-256
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  • On the Transmission of the Old Norse-Icelandic Legend of Saints Faith, Hope, and Charity
    by Kirsten Wolf; 257-278
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  • Arctic Garden of Delights: The Purpose of the Book of Reynistaður
    by Svanhildur Ósskarsdóttir; 279-302
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  • Love in a Cold Climate—With the Virgin Mary
    by Margaret Clunies Ross; 303-318
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  • Mírmanns saga: The First Old Norse-Icelandic Hagiographical Romance?
    by Sverrir Tómasson; 319-336
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  • Contributors
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