A Social Entrepreneurship Approach to University-level Training

This program aims to strengthen university training in policy analysis for the food systems, with emphasis on developing countries, using a social entrepreneurship approach. The social entrepreneurship approach involves participatory training based on class-room presentations and discussions of cases of real policy issues facing policy-makers for use in undergraduate and graduate teaching. The approach attempts to simulate real policy-making situations within an analytical and conceptual learning environment, employing a hands-on, participatory environment in which the students are taught to be social entrepreneurs.

This website includes a large number of cases, which can be downloaded free of charge by instructors, students and other interested parties worldwide. The cases are organized by sub-topics corresponding to the chapters of the supporting textbook (available for purchase at Cornell University Press and online bookstores). The cases are in PDF format and downloading will require a copy of the Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Feedback on the cases and their use is welcome at globalfoodsystem@cornell.edu.