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Volume 101

Publication Date: April 2016

Front Cover, Indonesia, Volume 101 (April 2016)

Editors' Note, Indonesia, Volume 101 (April 2016)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, Volume 101 (April 2016)

In Memoriam -- Benedict R. O'G. Anderson

Looking Back: An Inverted Telescope and an Oblique Gaze

Joshua Barker; 1-6

Belonging: Ben Anderson and Siam

Tamara Loos; 7-14

Ben Anderson and the Imagining of Indonesia

Ruth McVey; 15-20

Contingency and Comparison: Recalling Ben Anderson

Vincente L. Rafael; 21-28

Once Again: Nationalism and Revolution

James T. Siegel; 29-38


Nicolaus Englehard and Thomas Stamford Raffles: Brethern in Javanese Antiquities

Roy Jordaan; 39-66

Reorienting Sufism: Hamka and Islamic Mysticism in the Malay World

Khairudin Aljunied; 67-84

Commanders and Subalterns: Foreign Capial, the Sugar Industry, and Farmers and Workers in Rural Java, 1931-59

G. Roger Knight and Colin Brown; 85-102

Seeing AIDS in Aceh: Sexual Moralities and the Politics of (In)visibility in Post-Reconstruction Times

Annemarie Samuels; 103-120


Review of The Crescent Arises of the Banyan Tree: A Study of the Muhammadiya Movement in a Central Javanese Town, c. 1910s-2010

Daniel Andrew Birchok; 121-126

Review of Indonesia's Changing Political Economy: Governing the Roads

Howard Dick; 127-130

Review of Promises and Predicaments: Trade and Entrepreneurship in Colonial and Independent Indonesia in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Howard M. Federspiel; 131-134

Review of From Anatolia to Aceh: Ottomans, Turks, and Southeast Asia

Robert W. Hefner; 135-138

Review of Islam and Politics in Indonesia: The Masyumi Party between Democracy and Integralism

Jeremy Menchik; 139-144

Review of Beauty Is a Wound: A Novel

Rudolf Mrázek; 145-150

Review of Three Centuries of Conflict in East Timor

David Webster; 151-155