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Volume 1, 1991

Miscellaneous Frontmatter, Medieval Philosophy and Theology, vol. 1 (1991)

Augustine on Original Perception

Luca Obertello; 1-17

Odo of Tournai's De peccato originali and the Problem of Original Sin

Irven M. Resnick; 18-38

Signification and Modes of Signifying in Thirteenth-Century Logic: A Preface to Aquinas on Analogy

E. J. Ashworth; 39-67

Beauty in the Middle Ages: A Forgotten Transcendental?

Jan A. Aertsen; 68-97

Aquinas on Aristotle on Happiness

Don Adams; 98-118

Aquina's Parasitic Cosmological Argument

Scott MacDonald; 119-155

Peter of Candia's Hundred-Year "History" of the Theologian's Role

Stephen F. Brown; 156-190