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Volume 2, 1992

Miscellaneous Frontmatter, Medieval Philosophy and Theology, vol. 2 (1992)

Richard Rufus of Cornwall on Creation: The Reception of Aristotelian Physics in the West

Rega Wood; 1-30

St. Albert on the Subject of Metaphysics and Demonstrating the Existence of God

Timothy B. Noone; 31-52

Towards a Narrative Understanding of Thomistic Natural Law

Pamela M. Hall; 53-73

St. Thomas Aquinas on Satisfaction, Indulgences, and Crusades

Romanus Cessario; 74-96

On the Purpose of "Merit" in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas

Joseph Wawrykow; 97-116

Another Look at St. Thomas and the Plurality of the Literal Sense of Scripture

Mark F. Johnson; 117-141

Duns Scotus on Autonomous Freedom and Divine Co-Causality

William A. Frank; 142-164

Pico, Plato, and Albert the Great: The Testimony and Evaluation of Agostino Nifo

Edward P. Mahoney; 165-192