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Volume 4, 1994

Miscellaneous Frontmatter, Medieval Philosophy and Theology, vol. 4 (1994)

The Polemical Context and Content of Gregory of Nyssa's Psychology

Michel R. Barnes; 1-24

Creation and "Actualism": The Dialectical Dimension of Philosophical Theology

David B. Burrell; 25-41

Natural Reason in the Summa contra Gentiles

Rudi A. te Velde; 42-70

The Competition of Authoritative Languages and Aquinas's Theological Rhetoric

Mark D. Jordan; 71-90

Thomas Wylton's Question "An contingit dare ultimum rei permanentis in esse"

Cecilia Trifogli; 91-141

Ockham and Ambiguity

Georgette Sinkler; 142-164

Robert Holcot, O.P., on Prophecy, the Contingency of Revelation, and the Freedom of God

Joseph M. Incandela; 165-188