Volume 48, Number 5
Publication Date: May 2004

Single-Zone Model for the Evolution of Damped Lyalpha Systems
E. R. Kasimova, and Yu. A. Shchekinov; 353-366

A Possible Origin of the High Metallicity in the Nuclei of Massive Galaxies and Quasars
A. V. Moiseev, A. V. Tutukov, D. S. Wiebe, and B. M. Shustov; 367-373

Spectral Characteristics of Components of a Model Radio-Brightness Distribution for the Radio Galaxy 3C 234
A. V. Megn; 374-379

Observations of Late-Type Variable Stars in the Water Vapor Radio Line. The Long-Period Variable R Cassiopeia
M. I. Pashchenko, and G. M. Rudnitskii; 380-392

Periodic Variability of the T Tauri Star DI Cephei
N. Z. Ismailov; 393-398

The Possibility of Resonance-Enhanced Two-Photon Ionization of Ne and Ar Atoms in Astrophysical Plasmas
S. Johansson , and V. S. Letokhov; 399-406

Analysis of a Solar Eruptive Event on November 4, 2001, Using CORONAS-F/SPIRIT Data
I. M. Chertok, V. A. Slemzin, S. V. Kuzin, V. V. Grechnev, O. I. Bugaenko, I. A. Zhitnik, A. P. Ignat'ev, and A. A. Pertsov; 407-417

Variations in the Solar Luminosity, Radius, and Quadrupole Moment as Effects of a Large-Scale Dynamo in the Solar Convection Zone
V. V. Pipin; 418-432

An MHD Model for a Heliospheric Current Sheet
I. M. Podgorny, A. I. Podgorny, S. Minami , and M. Morimoto ; 433-438