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Volume 70

Publication Date: October 2000

Editorial Note, Indonesia, volume 70, (October 2000)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, volume 70, (October 2000)

Petrus Dadi Ratu

Benedict R. O'G. Anderson; 1-7

From Tong-Tong to Tempo Doeloe: Eurasian Memory Work and the Bracketing of Dutch Colonial History, 1957-1961

Andrew Goss; 9-36

Bridges of Hope: Senior Citizens' Memories

Rudolf Mrázek; 37-52

"Zaman Belanda": Song and the Shattering of Speech in Aru, Eastern Indonesia

Patricia Spyer; 53-70

Currency and Fingerprints: Authentic Reproductions and Political Communication in Indonesia's "Reform Era"

Karen Strassler; 71-82

More Money, More Autonomy?: Women and Credit in a Javanese Urban Community

Hotze Lont; 83-100

What the Numbers Really Tell Us about the Decline of the Opium Regie

Siddharth Chandra; 101-124

Changes in Civil-Military Relations since the Fall of Suharto

The Editors; 125-138

Review Essay

A Review Essay:The Political Economy of Labor in Indonesia

Jeffrey A. Winters; 139-150


Review of Rebellion to Integration: West Sumatra and the Indonesian Polity, 1926-1988

Ken Young; 151-156

Review of Re Orient: Change in Asian Societies

Tamara Loos; 157-160

Review of Bugis Navigation

Eric Tagliacozzo; 161-164

Review of Dance of Life: Popular Music and Polities in Southeast Asia

Pamela Moro; 165-166

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Violence in an Era of Reform: for Jafar Siddiq Hamzah

Geoffrey Robinson; 167-170

In Memoriam: Jafar Siddiq Hamzah

James T. Siegel; 171-174

Contributors, Indonesia, volume 70, (October 2000)