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Volume 69

Publication Date: April 2000

Editorial Note, Indonesia, volume 69, (April 2000)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, volume 69, (April 2000)

Sukarno's Proclamation of Indonesian Independence

George McT. Kahin; 1-4

George McTurnan Kahin, 1918-2000

Stanley J. O'Connor, Thak Chaloemtiarana and Benedict R. O'G. Anderson; 5-8

Kiblat and the Mediatic Jew

James T. Siegel; 9-40

Islam and the Spirit Cults in New Order Indonesia: Global Flows vs. Local Knowledge

Thomas Gibson; 41-70

United Nations Involvement with the Act of Self-Determination in West Irian (Indonesian West New Guinea), 1968-1969

John Saltford; 71-92

The Unreal War: The Indonesian Revolution through the Eyes of Dutch Novelists and Reporters

Tessel Pollmann; 93-106

Javanese Wayang Kulit in the Times of Comedy: Clown Scenes, Innovation, and the Performance's Being in the Present World. Part Two.

Jan Mrázek; 107-172

Indonesia Statistik: Surat buat Para Pembaca

Benedict R. O'G. Anderson; 173-176


James T. Siegel; 177-178

Review Essays

Hierarchy and the "Unmodern": A review of The Domestication of Desire: Women, Wealth and Modernity in Java

Andrew Willford; 179-192

Varieties of Javanese Violence: A review of Varieties of Javanese Religion: An Anthropological Account

James T. Siegel; 193-201

Contributors, Indonesia, volume 69, (April 2000)