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Volume 11

Publication Date: April 1971

Editorial Note, Indonesia, volume 11, (April 1971)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, volume 11, (April 1971)

Dances of Sumatra and Nias: Notes

Claire Holt; 1-20

Corruption, Tradition and Change

Theodore M. Smith; 21-40

The Javanese as Emigrant: Observations on the Development of Javanese Settlements Overseas

Craig A. Lockard; 41-62

Episodes in Rural Modernization: Problems in the Bimas Program

Gary Hansen; 63-82

Pre-War Indonesian Nationalism and the Peranakan Chinese

Leo Suryadinata; 83-94

Continuity and Change in Javanese Legal Tradition: The Evidence of the Jayapattra

Mason C. Hoadley; 95-110

The Agro-Economic Survey of Indonesia: An Appreciation

David H. Penny; 111-130

The Post-Revolutionary Transformation of the Indonesian Army

Ruth T. McVey; 131-176

The Army, the Parties and Elections

Harold Crouch; 177-192

"Indonesian Political Thinking": A Review

Alfian; 193-200

Contributors, Indonesia, volume 11, (April 1971)