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Volume 17

Publication Date: April 1974

Editorial Note, Indonesia, volume 17, (April 1974)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, volume 17, (April 1974)

Notes on Java's Regent Families: Part II

Heather Sutherland; 1-42

A Child of the Revolution

M. Balfas; 43-50

The "Samâya" of Bharaḍa and Kuturan

Soewito Santoso; 51-66

Marriage and Divorce in Mojolama

Masri Singarimbun and Chris Manning; 67-82

Educate the Javanese!

Raden Ajeng Kartini; 83-98

Revolution and Social Tensions in Surakarta 1945 -- 1950

Soejatno; 99-111

My Childhood World

Ruslan Abdulgani; 113-135

Lamalerap: A Whaling Village in Eastern Indonesia

R. H. Barnes; 137-159

The I La Galigo Epic Cycle of South Celebes and Its Diffusion

Andi Zainal Abidin; 161-169

Contributors, Indonesia, volume 17, (April 1974)