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Volume 4

Publication Date: October 1967

Editorial Note, Indonesia, volume 4, (October 1967)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, volume 4, (October 1967)

A Geographical Reconstruction of Northeastern Central Java and the Location of Medang

R. Soekmono; 2-7

The Padju Epat Ma'anjan Dajak in Historical Perspective

Alfred B. Hudson; 8-42

Anti-Dutch, Anti-Muslim Drama among Surabaja Proletarians: A Description of Performances and Responses

James L. Peacock; 44-73

Attitudes toward Birth Control in Bandung, Indonesia

R. Murray Thomas; 74-87

The Establishment of Surakarta, a Translation from the Babad Gianti

Soepomo Poedjosoedarmo and M. C. Ricklefs; 88-108

Karang Rarak: A 1955 Vignette

Peter R. Goethals; 110-126

Taman Siswa and the Indonesian National Awakening

Ruth T. McVey; 128-149

Some Aspects of National Education and the Taman Siswa Institute at Jogjakarta [a translation]

Ki Hadjar Dewantara; 150-168

Indonesian Newspapers 1965 -- 1967

Roger K. Paget; 170-210

Djakarta Newspapers 1965 -- 1967: Preliminary Comments

Roger K. Paget; 211-226

Recent Changes in Army Commands [May-Aug. 1967]

J. E. Rocamora; 227-229

Contributors, Indonesia, volume 4, (October 1967)