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Volume 86

Publication Date: October 2008

Front Cover and Title Page, Indonesia, Volume 86 (October 2008)

Editors, Indonesia, Volume 86 (October 2008)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, Volume 86 (October 2008)

Notes of a Trip through Aceh, December 2007

James T. Siegel, Joshua Barker and Arief Djati; 1-54

Graffiti in the Toilet, introduced and translated by Benedict R. ÓGO. Anderson

Eka Kurniawan; 55-61

Instrumentalizing Pressures, Reinventing Mission: Indonesian Navy Battles for Turf in the Age of Reformasi

Jun Honna; 63-80

Contesting Power in Indonesia’s Resource-Rich Regions in the Era of Decentralization: New Strategy for Central Control over the Regions

Akiko Morishita; 81-108

Jawara in Power, 1999–2007

Okamoto Masaaki and Abdul Hamid; 109-138


Islam in Indonesia, post-Suharto: the Struggle for the Sunni Center: Review Essay

Robert W. Hefner; 139-160

Review of Histories of the Borneo Environment: Economic, Political and Social Dimensions of Change and Continuity

Jay B. Crain; 161-164

Review of From Rebellion to Riots: Collective Violence on Indonesian

Dave McRae; 165-170

Review of Verguisd en vergeten: Tan Malaka, de linkse beweging en de Indonesische Revolutie, 1945–1949 (Reviled and Forgotten. Tan Malaka, the Leftist Movement, and the Indonesian Revolution, 1945–1949)

Ruth McVey; 171-174

Review of Aceh, Indonesia: Securing the Insecure State

Marcus Mietzner; 175-178

Review of Tourism, Culture, and Development: Hopes, Dreams, and Realities in East Indonesia

Elizabeth Morrell; 179-180

Review of Bali; An Open Fortress 1995–2005: Regional Autonomy, Electoral Democracy and Entrenched Identities

Lene Pedersen; 181-182

Review of The Archives of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and the Local Institutions in Batavia (Jakarta)

Robert Van Niel; 183-186

Review of Being “Dutch” in the Indies: A History of Creolisation and Empire, 1500–1920 and De Geschiedenis van Indische Nederlanders

Paul W. van der Veur; 187-190

Contributors, Indonesia, Volume 86 (October 2008)