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Volume 89

Publication Date: April 2010

Front Cover and Title Page, Indonesia, Volume 89 (April 2010)

Editors' Note, Indonesia, Volume 89 (April 2010)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, Volume 88 (April 2010)

Imagining an Islamic State in Indonesia: From Darul Islam to Jemaah Islamiyah

Quinton Temby; 1-36

Nahdlatul Ulama and the Killings of 1965–66: Religion, Politics, and Remembrance

Greg Fealy and Katharine McGregor; 37-60

Guerrillas, Guns, and Knives? Debating Insurgency in South Blitar, East Java, 1967–68

Vannessa Hearman; 61-92

The Otter Amulet (Jimat Séro)

Eka Kurniawan; 93-100

The State and the Reactor: Nuclear Politics in Post-Suharto Indonesia

Sulfikar Amir; 101-149

Pugilists from the Mountains: History, Memory, and the Making of the Chinese-Educated Generation in Post-1998 Indonesia

Siew-Min Sai; 149-178


Review of Bridges to New Business: The Economic Decolonization of Indonesia

Siddharth Chandra; 179-182

Review of Southeast Asia and the Middle East: Islam, Movement, and the Longue Duree

Elizabeth Fuller Collins; 183-186

Review of Indonesia: Towards Democracy

Howard Federspiel; 187-188

Review of A History of Christianity in Indonesia

James Haire; 189-196

Review of Islam and Nation: Separatist Rebellion in Aceh, Indonesia

Vannessa Hearman; 197-200

Review of Economic Crises and the Breakdown of Authoritarian Regimes: Indonesia and Malaysia in Comparative Perspective

Jemma Purdey; 201-206

Review of Reconciling Indonesia: Grassroots Agency for Peace

Kimberly Twarog; 207-210

Review of Expressing Islam: Religious Life and Politics in Indonesia

Michael Wood; 211-216

Contributors, Indonesia, Volume 89 (April 2010)