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Volume 90

Publication Date: October 2010

Front Cover and Title Page, Indonesia, Volume 90 (October 2010)

Editors' Note, Indonesia, Volume 90 (October 2010)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, Volume 90 (October 2010)

Trans-Regional Indonesia over One Thousand years: The Art of the Long View

Eric Tagliacozzo; 1-14

Indonesia's Evolving International Relationships in the Ninth to Early Eleventh Centuries: Evidence from Contemporary Shipwrecks and Epigraphy

Kenneth R. Hall; 15-46

Legal Pluralism and Criminal Law in the Dutch Colonial Order

Robert Cribb; 47-66

"Pirates or Entrepreneurs?" The Migration and Trade of Sea People in Southwest Kalimantan, c. 1770-1820

Atsushi Ota; 67-96

Modernity and Decadence in Fin-de-Siècle Fiction of the Dutch Empire

Laurie J. Sears; 97-124

Pan-Islam and Religious Nationalism: The Case of Kartosuwiryo and Negara Islam Indonesia

Chiara Formichi; 125-146

Preparing Indonesia: H5N1 Influenza through the Lens of Global Health

Celia Lowe; 147-170

Indonesian Social Case Studies and Sociographic Data: A Longitudinal Treasure Trove

Ron Wilton; 171-172


Review of An Act of Free Choice: Decolonization and the Right to Self-Determination in West Papua

Pieter Drooglever; 173-184

Review of Islamic Spectrum in Java

Timothy Daniels; 185-188

Review of Political Reform in Indonesia after Soeharto

Harold Crouch; 189-192

Review of A Certain Age: Colonial Jakarta through the Memories of its Intellectuals

Rudolf Mrázek; 193-196

Review of Indonesian Postcolonial Theatre: Spectral Genealogies and Absent Faces

Evan Darwin Winet; 197-199

Contributors, Indonesia, Volume 90 (October 2010)