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Volume 92

Publication Date: October 2011

Front Cover and Title Page, Indonesia, Volume 92 (October 2011)

Editors' Note, Indonesia, Volume 92 (October 2011)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, Volume 92 (October 2011)

No Turkish Delight: The Impasse of Islamic Party Politics in Indonesia

Vedi R. Hadiz; 1-18

Remembering and Forgetting Indonesia’s Madiun Affair: Personal Narratives, Political Transitions, and Historiography, 1948–2008

Akiko Sugiyama; 19-42

“Either One is a Fascist or One is Not”: The Indies’ National–Socialist Movement, The Imperial Dream, and Mussert’s Colonial Milch Cow

Tessel Pollmann; 43-58

“The Single Most Astonishing Fact of Human Geography”: Indonesia’s Far West Colony

Ann Kumar; 59-96

Protecting the Dragon: Dutch Attempts at Limiting Access to Komodo Lizards in the 1920s and 1930s

Timothy P. Barnard; 97-124

Spaces of Exclusion, Walls of Intimacy: Rethinking “Chinese Exclusivity” in Indonesia

Tsai Yen-ling; 125-156

Women and Modernity: Reading the Femme Fatale in Early Twentieth-Century Indies Novels

Elizabeth Chandra; 157-182

In Memoriam: Jamie Mackie (1924–2011)

David Jenkins; 183-190

Review Essay

Review of Women, the Recited Qur’an, and Islamic Music in Indonesia

Christina Sunardi; 191-294


Review of Understanding Islam in Indonesia: Politics and Diversity

Nancy J. Smith-Hefner; 195-198

Review of Decentralization and Adat Revivalism in Indonesia: The Politics of Becoming Indigenous

Sirojuddin Arif; 199-202

Review of The Floracrats: State Sponsored Science and the Failure of Enlightenment in Indonesia

Henk Schulte Nordholt; 203-206

Review of Resistance on the National Stage: Theater and Politics in Late New Order Indonesia

Tamara Aberle; 207-210

Review of The Longhouse of the Tarsier: Changing Landscapes, Gender and Well Being in Borneo

Christopher Duncan; 211-214

Review of Chinese Indonesians and Regime Change

Mary Somers Heidhues; 215-218

Contributors, Indonesia, Volume 92 (October 2011)