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Volume 96

Publication Date: October 2013

Front Cover, Indonesia, Volume 96 (October 2013)

Editors' Note, Indonesia, Volume 96 (October 2013)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, Volume 96 (October 2013)

Special Section: Wealth, Power, and Contemporary Indonesian Politics

Beyond Oligarchy? Critical Exchanges on Political Power and Material Inequality in Indonesia

Michele Ford and Thomas B. Pepinsky; 1-10

Oligarchy and Democracy in Indonesia

Jeffrey A. Winters; 11-34

The Political Economy of Oligarchy and the Reorganization of Power in Indonesia

Vedi R. Hadiz and Richard Robison; 35-58

Improving the Quality of Democracy in Indonesia: Toward a Theory of Action

R. William Liddle; 59-80

Pluralism and Political Conflict in Indonesia

Thomas B. Pepinsky; 81-100

Popular Agency and Interests in Indonesia's Democratic Transition and Consolidation

Edward Aspinall; 101-122

The Parman Economy: Post-Authoritarian Shifts in the Off-Budget Economy of Indonesias Security Institutions

Jacqui Baker; 123-150

Unnamed Interests and Informal Leaders: A Street Vendor Relocation in Yogyakarta City

Sheri L. Gibbings; 151-186


Review Essay: Islamization and the Changing Ethical Imagination in Java

Robert W. Hefner; 187-202

Review of Knowing Indonesia: Intersections of Self, Discipline, and Nation

Damien Kingsbury; 203-208

Review of Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia

Nancy J. Smith-Hefner; 209-212

Review of Musical Journey in Sumatra

Suryadi ; 213-218

Contributors, Indonesia, Volume 96 (October 2013)