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Volume 98

Publication Date: October 2014

Front Cover, Indonesia, Volume 98 (October 2014)

Editors' Note, Indonesia, Volume 98 (October 2014)

Table of Contents, Indonesia, Volume 98 (October 2014)

Title Page, Indonesia, Volume 98 (October 2014)

Violence, Sectarianism, and the Politics of Religion: Articulations of Anti-Shi'a Discourses in Indonesia

Chiara Formichi; 1-28

China and the Thirtieth of September Movement

Taomo Zhou; 29-58

In the Name of Syariah? Vigilante Violence, Territoriality, and Moral Authority in Aceh, Indonesia

David Kloos; 59-90

Current Data on the Indonesian Military Elite, April 2008-September 2013

The Editors ; 91-140


Review Essay: Interrupting the Gender Narrative: In-between Masculinities

G. G. Weix; 141-146

Review of Shari'a and Social Engineering: The Implementation of Islamic Law in Contemporary Aceh, Indonesia

Michael Buehler; 147-152

Review of Adat and Indigeneity in Indonesia: Culture and Entitlements between Heternomy and Self-Ascription

Howard Federspiel; 153-156

Review of A Few Poorly Organized Men: Interreligious Violence in Poso, Indonesia

Muhamad Haripin; 157-162

Review of The Dance That Makes You Vanish: Cultural Reconstruction in Post-Genocide Indonesia

Toni Shapiro-Phim; 163-165