Center for Innovative Publishing

This domain,, was formerly the Web site of the Center for Innovative Publishing. As a part of Library organizational restructuring in 2009, we have mainstreamed the services of the Center within Digital Scholarship & Preservation Services. Below is the original mission statement for the Center.

Cornell University Library's Center for Innovative Publishing is a field station for the design, deployment, and effective management of on-line publishing projects from Cornell University, as well as other academic communities, university presses, and scholarly societies. Through active engagement with scholars, and respect for the authoring environment, the CIP is able to cost-effectively tailor its services to specific user needs.

Publishing has been defined as a model and a method, an art and a craft, for making an information asset publicly or generally known, of declaring or reporting openly, to place before or offer to the public. The practice of making scholarship public has traditionally taken place outside of academe. In the last 30 years the intellectual output from institutions of higher education worldwide has increased significantly but access to the record of this scholarly activity has become increasingly restrictive and expensive. Cornell University Library, along with a small number of other peer institutions, is proactively promoting the utility of scholarly content, encouraging the development of new content taxonomies, and exploring the origination of innovative delivery models through a cost sustainable electronic publishing program.

The mission of the Center for Innovative Publishing is to develop an electronic publishing program that conceptualizes, implements, and promotes a wide variety of sustainable publishing initiatives to support and encourage the transformation of the scholarly communications landscape.